It’s Spring!

The sun is out, the rain has stopped for a couple days, the flooding seems to be easing just a bit, the grass has a definite new green cast to it, the trees are showing some bud swelling, the crocuses and daffodils and tulips all have leaves above the ground, and the birds even sound cheerier – must be spring! Last night’s full moon was ever-so-bright, filling the sky with a wonderful glow, wiping out most of the stars and casting shadows all over the yard.

This month is flying by filled with fused journal covers, paper pockets, paper grinding, melted plastic, batting strips, joomchi trials, proposals, medical issues and bass practice. Some of it embryonic, some of it cocoonish, all of it good. I had been meaning to have a few more entries for March so far, but each evening I would sit down to the computer and just fade before I got around to blogging. Not sure if that is a sign of my being busy or my age – or maybe both.

I ‘m loving the longer daylight hours and warmer temps, although I’m not sure the winter weather was cold enough to kill many bugs off this year. Will have to see what emerges with the spring.

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