I like small things. And huge things. This past week I’ve been into small. A friend of ours is very into kites and suggested I think about making miniature kites – they don’t take much material or space and are ever so cute when flying.

Well, that piqued my interest for sure. Found some construction info on one of the many kite websites and tried my hand at it. Used regular paper, some nice rice paper and a plastic grocery bag for the bodies of the kites. Flat toothpicks and horse hair became the spars (the cross pieces that stretch out the body – I think I got that right!). Curly gift ribbon became tails.

One or two of the minis (all under 4 inches with the smallest being about 1.5 inches) actually seem to fly decently, although I’m finding it hard to determine. You don’t use a very long string (actually sewing thread) for these little guys so there is lots of arm waving to get them moving. There seems to be a pivotal point of weight vs size of kite surface that I’m not sure I have quite right, yet.

Oh, and here I sit describing them without having a picture to upload. Will get to that tomorrow. The kites are in the basement studio and I am not. Way too much to expect me to dash out of the office and down the stairs for a picture. Even though I am breathing now…..

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