Knitting, etc.

The fiber of the day is….. whole wheat! That and regular flour went into a huge batch of pumpkin/banana/applesauce muffins and breads. The bananas needed to be used, so it just made sense….

Other bits and pieces of fiber work lately entailed getting some items ready for the Weavers Guild Fall Sale coming up in a couple of weekends. And continuing the knitting of Christmas gifts for the boys – since they all know due to my asking for measurements I can safely tell: arm socks.

That’s the name the youngest son gave them when he saw them. The boys ride their bikes all winter, so I figured gloves would be needed. But they need to keep the wrists securely covered and fingers free to grip the handlebars firmly. So these ‘gloves’ are fingerless, covering more or less of the fingers up to the first joint (depending on which son wants what) and going up over the elbow. Sort of like knee socks for the arms = arm socks.

Two of the boys are pretty comparable in size so that helps in knowing what size to make. The oldest doesn’t have the arm length that the other two have, so I don’t have to knit as much! They all like different types of striping and colors, so that has been a bit of fun.

What we still have to keep under wraps is that I’ve made similar items for their wives – with softly changing variegated yarns and a different cable design per pair. Didn’t have the chance to measure the girls, so I hope I’m not off by too much!

I think I will actually have them all done by Christmas!

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