Last day in Melbourne

I’m liking these non-planned days!

Cool night and warm day. Bright sun – no extra sunburn today.

Tony was in need of seeing a doctor, so Anne and I did some window shopping – actually Anne did more than window shopping. I admitted to her that I am an enabler when it comes to other people buying things. Anyway, she found this solid orange leather purse, not too big, that kept calling her name. The shop owner was a native of Venezuela and I thought of you, Gun-Marie!

In the process of taking care of Tony, Anne gave a nice tour of Melbourne complete with childhood stories of school uniforms and sneaking across restricted grounds, Quite the rascal she was!

Anne and I had some great show and tell times all day long and discovered a number of connections that we had in common.

Young neighbor Grace visited while we were sharing and got stuck in the middle of a lot of fiber talk. Not sure she understood much of it nor that she really wanted to be there for it, but she was very cordial.

The evening was topped by a grand meal of fresh tuna steaks, potato wedges and fresh salad greens from the community gardens. Quite lovely.

I’m packed and ready to take off early in the morning for my next ‘port-of-call’: Halls Gap in the Grampians Mountains west of Melbourne. Plans call for a number of stops along the way to check out various galleries and op shops!


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