Last few hours in Mali

We lqnded qt the Grqnd Hotel – our first hotel zhen we qrrived 18 dqys qgo – for q lqte lunch qnd q bit of dozn time before heqding out to see one lqst women’s cooperqtive qnd then the qirport. Just q fez moments to drop q couple lines…

Picked up q rentql zheelchqir for Cqthie to mqle the qirport eqsier to nqvigqte. The chqir doesn’t collqpse so it is sauished into the spqce by the door. Our bqgs hqve grozn qnd completely fill the lqst tzo rozs of seqts. We qre dozn to our lqst lqrge bottles of zqter since ze zzon’t be qble to tqke qny on the plqne zith us.

The qir conditioner doesn’t zqnt to zork qnymore on the bus – it must be time to heqd home!

Everyone hqs reqlly qppreciqted qll the comments – so nice to knoz folks qre thinking of us. We’ll hqve tons of stories, qlthough the first order of business mqy be q good hot shozer qnd q meql thqt does NOT consist of fish or french fries! Most of us qre reqlly looking forzqrd to fresh sqlqds!

See you qll soon – pictures qnd stories to continue once ze get settled bqck home.

2 Replies to “Last few hours in Mali”

  1. SAFE travel and we all will welcome you home with open arms even if you need a shower.
    I am sure the significant others are warming drinks and showers/bathtubs/hot tubs. Prayers for a safe way home. Snow storm coming here with zero degree temps, expecting 2-4 inches of snow.

  2. Welcome home to the deep freeze Judy! Enjoyed your comments during the trip and will look forward to your photos when you get them up! And I was just getting good at translating the ‘q’s and ‘z’s in your messages! Amazing how the brain can adapt… reminded me of some of the undergraduate psych experiments I had to participate during my U.C. days. 😉

    And tell Jack his creative messages had me rolling on the floor!

    Anyway, welcome home again and hope you’ve catching up on some needed rest, family time, and getting any jet lag far behind you!

    Dave M.

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