Laundry Day

In Melbourne on an overcast, breezy day doing laundry. I kept up pretty good in Halls Gap with hand washing of small items, but just about the whole lot of clothing needs a good cleaning.

While it is washing and drying, I’ll catch up on some bits and pieces.

The class space I was in during Grampians Texture was the Whale Room in the Brambuk Cultural Center – did I mention that already? There was definitely the spirit of the whale present.

Our morning tea and lunch was prepared by the Cafe chef – hot out of the oven scones and damper (sort of like fluffy biscuits) with wattle seeds and jams and lovely mounds of whipped cream,  sandwiches with a number of meats and veggies on them, fruit salad.

The generous staff at Brambuk kept our room warm when it got chilled and entertained all sorts of questions about tools and room usage and cultural stuff. I was also gifted with the last copy from two earlier exhibits with lots of great info.

Ended my Halls Gap duties with a rich ice cream cone:  Stairway to Heaven, white Belgium ice cream w chocolate chips and swirls of caramel.

Was treated to a thick slice of salmon steak and wedges and fresh garden salad when I arrived late in Melbourne last night.

The hosts here have a really cool stove – called an Aga – which stays lit all the time and is useful for making toast, frying, baking, etc. without much fuss or time involved. Slick.

Our exhibit table at the end of the workshop was by far the most exciting – my students were absolutely the best! Would come back in a heartbeat.

Sorting through all my various bits of luggage, trying to consolidate for the trip to  Tasmania this evening. Very fortunately, Anne has offered to bring along anything I need for the basket Gathering as well as take things to Orange later in April so I don’t have to lug things around.  Yipee!

I left some little stuff at Halls Gap, but don’t think it is too important. Another excuse to go to the op shops!

Jane – it isn’t pants, but I did mud up an op shop shirt that I just rinsed out. Will wear it to the Gathering.

Since the second day on  this trip I’ve been mouse-less. My mini mouse for the computer died on me – sure it is just needing a new battery – so I’ve been just doing the keypad thing. Getting better at it as I go along.

Okay – got to get back to laundry.  Tasmania tonight!

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  1. Tasmania! Wow! I’ve always wanted to go there. Tell us all about it.

    Also, I’ve always wanted to see an Aga — you always hear about them in British novels. I wondered what they were like.

    Thanks for letting us come along on your trip. 🙂

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