Lazy sunny day

It was a grand day today full of lots of little things.

A quiet sit on the second floor deck with a morning cup of hot water – my favorite!

An ‘excursion’ into Anne’s studio space – fun!

Fresh berries (blue, straw, black, red rasp) and yogurt and museli.

Full sun warming the air while siting next to the water wall/fountain amidst the backyard foliage. Even copped a bit of a burn on my face!

Decent amount a time spent working on my bilum (string bag).

A bit of Korean spinning practice with some native grass.

Two deliciously  eclectic meals as we cleaned out the fridge from all the lovely salads left over from the pot luck last night. Side benefit of being the last one out – you get to take home everything that gets left!

The opportunity to fondle tanned fish skins and cane toad skins.

Comfortable conversations with Anne.

Great Boris and Tim stories of their meanderings in the neighborhood and their adopting of Anne and Tony.

And the day started with being brought a cup of hot water and lemon while I was on  Skype with my love.

Anne was a bit more busy as she met with two different people, dealt with an itinerant artist and nursed her sick Tony back to feeling better – some sort of bug had him down about 24 hours.

Tomorrow may be more of the same, except for nursing Tony.

Ed.: pics of my stay in Melbourne are now online.

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