Lots of fibery things …

… happening lately that have been keeping me busy.

After I finished working with the pampas grass pulp (didn’t pull it all but I’m saving some in the freezer) I finally got around to the asparagus stems I’ve been saving all spring. We took advantage of all the store sales and really enjoyed eating asparagus a lot. So, the stems were cooked up and waiting. Just did a bit of whizzing in the blender. The pulp drained really slowly which allowed for a very thin sheet. It turned out really crisp with nice fibers throughout.  And very green.  Quite happy with it!

Some members of our local weavers Guild created a yarn bombing project for the side of our shed which turned out great! It was on display in time for our end of year yard sale and picnic meeting.

And then, over the weekend some of the guild members headed off to Oldenburg, IN to hold a fiber retreat at the Franciscan Center of the nuns there. I went on Saturday, took several projects that I HAD to do (compile the kits for a mudcloth workshop, cut out felts from two woolen blankets for papermaking, write my poem on some of the pampas grass papers) as well as some that I WANTED to do (knitting a scarf, scrumbling, and starting the spinning for a contest entry on Navajo spindles – will tell more about this later). Felt good to get so much accomplished.

It was great having a full day to just do fiber work.  Actually I have those days a lot when I’m home, but sharing it with others was the great part! Lots of banter, snacks and creative ideas.

This week I’m doing the rest of the prep needed for teaching next week in Sewanee, TN at Shakerag. I’ve heard it is a lovely place and a fun time – will report back afterwards.

Still need to mail off my poem/paper this week – I joined a swap for original poems on handmade paper through the papermaking list on Yahoo. I imagine the others will have much better paper than mine, but I’m hoping for some constructive feedback.

Okay, back to prepping……

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