Made It!

Just a quick note to say WE MADE IT!  LOOOOONGG trip but safe. Dealing with a keyboard where some of the letters are mixed around and off to see an artist compound. It is fabulous just to be here.

Twas neat to fly over the lit cities of Merricash last night and to see Cassablanca in the distance, along with Gibralter.

Stories later. Everyone is well.

4 Replies to “Made It!”

  1. Thanks for reporting in. Now, go have fun, take notes, then report back to those of us who are taking this trip with you from our armchairs. (BTW, just a hint…it would be advisable NOT to brag about how pleasant the weather is there.)

  2. WE miss you already at the quilt center. We said a prayer and glad you arrived safe. I can now return the 8 calls to those who do not have internet.

  3. YOu are sounding like you are having a fun time. It has just begun and I am glad you are there, safe and sound. Have fun and know that you are being thought of. See you when you get back. Thanks for the updates. That is so cool that you are doing that for us. Pam

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