Maple a dud, dyebath a winner!

Well, spring maple leaves do NOT have the dyeing power that fall ones have.  In fact, they have next to nothing in them to give color.

Rather, I should say, I could not get any color out of  the spring leaves!

BUT, the dye bath itself was one that I was reusing and had lots of good color in it along with some rusty nails, so the refolding of the jacket I was trying to dye created some glorious new ‘wrapped shibori’ marks from where the cloth was newly open to the ambient ‘juice’. The jacket is still damp and hasn’t been washed yet, but I expect I’ll keep a lot of the new marks which blend nicely with the original dyeing that I did last year on it. Hope the owner likes it!

IMG_0173 IMG_0170 IMG_0171

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