Markets, cont.

Even though at first glance there seemed to be no rhyme or reason, most of the marketplaces were very organized by content. One block would have all the livestock milling around and nearby would be the fodder for sale; another block would have the auto/bike/motorcycle stuff; one area would look like Home Depot with all the lumber, tools and building supplies. And there would be the housewares, the food, the leather, etc. areas. Some shops were mini department stores, carrying a bit of everything.

The big cities had supermarkets for foodstuffs while the villages had their open air markets where the meats and fish were fresh and the flies seemed to appreciate that. Most of the big carcasses I saw were still very identifiable as to their original nature – tails are a good indicator. We did see some fish being dried at one island village – small fish were spread out on top of some sort of brushy plant material which was then set on fire. Between the fast, flash fire of the brush and the heat of the country, the fish were pretty well preserved in quick order.

The Recycling Center, which I mention with the pictures, was a huge area – I’m sure it covered multiple acres and seemed like a warren of paths and sheds. The mountain of scrap metal was several stories high.

Everyone seemed to have a specific job within the Center. Some dismantled the original metal objects using bare hands plus hammers and mallets made of wood. A lot of banging and clanging in that area. Others flattened the metals with more banging and clanging. There were those who were cutting pieces to be remade into strainers, bowls, stoves, hardware, etc. and those who were doing the remaking.

At first it looked like the people were living there, but we were told they all went home at dusk and would return bright and early each morning. (Wonder how their ears hold up to all the noise?)

There were smoky fires for meals and tea and some high heat operations for forging work. And everyone seemed intent on keeping production levels up. I never asked who or how they got paid, but it would be interesting to find out how the system works.

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