More pics and process

Thank you, all, for your generous comments on the prayer flag installation! It feels good to have it up!

More pics can now be seen on my flickr site in the set called ‘silk prayer flags XU 2010’.  Dave was so very kind to do a lot of the documenting during the installation. I kept meaning to take pictures while I worked at home, but didn’t manage to remember until I was almost done with the rinsing and assembling.(Thank you, Dianne, for your tips on ironing a multitude of silk scarves!)

The space I used to mud the scarves held 6 at a time – that was all I could see at any point. Yes, I was good and started with a cartoon of the design, but you know how lines change as you work so the cartoon wasn’t very reliable. Each scarf needed to connect, design-wise, with the ones on each side (30 across) as well as top and bottom (4 rows). I also wanted to be sure that the design flowed well from the center in each direction when the panels crossed. THAT part was a bit challenging to accomplish, but I think it worked. A little hard to tell until the static electricity settles out.

Jack shored up my installation ideas during many a dinner, and later, conversation.  Paul was invaluable for his construction expertise. Kitty, Barbara, Moya, Paula and Charlotte were wonderful in making sure it all worked smoothly – especially my tangled monofilament! And Dave had such a good time that he said to let him know when I install my next piece – he’ll recruit some of his friends to help!

Everyone is invited to the opening reception of the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati’s exhibit, Sunday, January 24 at 2-4pm, Gallagher Student Center, Xavier University. Hope to see you there!

Now, on to the next project!

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  1. Love the slide show. Absolutely gorgeous installation, Judy, absolutely gorgeous! And aren’t friends wonderful. Don’t know what we’d do without them.

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