Mosying along

I’m feeling like a lazy slug these days. Doing nothing much but knitting and reading, and not necessarily in that order. Still using the ‘healing’ excuse – which is real, so I guess it isn’t really an excuse. One obvious sign of things getting better: I have been able to sleep in bed this week instead of in the recliner!

There have been some bits of creative energy: a few seasonal decorations have snuck into the house (red ornament balls filling up a large glass vase and in/under some wine and whiskey glasses on display with a few more on top of the piano, …….. ummmm, that’s about it so far!) Outside we have red ribbons in between the hanging baskets filled with white lights in front of the main door – will have to get a picture of that for you. Usually we are the last ones to put up any decorations, but this year I think we were the first on the street to have their mailbox decorated.

The knitting is for Christmas gifts so I don’t want to say a whole lot right now, but I’m on my third one and they seem to be turning out fine. Just hope the sizes are right!

And the reading has been a whole mix of fiction – some historical and anthropological, some sci-fi, some just plain heartwarming. Going through the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (thanks, Dave!). Started on the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon but couldn’t get into it – too much high society stuff for me, I guess.

Not much excitement, but I think that is fine for the moment. Will definitely have to get in gear next week and doing something productive!

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