Moving Day

Yesterday was a most deloghtful day in that it was sunny – for the most part – and full of good things.

Started the morning wih poached eggs on rye accompanied by the sauteed saffron caps (mushrooms) from the other night – yum! Played with the resident dogs (Ooshi does like to catch balls!), experimented a bit more with the mushrooms that Kath and I collected the other day, hiked down the trails – including the 500 Ferber Steps – into the Katoomba Falls area, rode the railroad up the steepest incline in the world and ended the day (after many lovely conversations with Kath) with a lovely meal of prawns, rice and stir fried veggies.

Today was a drizzly day – perfect for repacking all my stuff. Jude scooped me up – after a scrumptious tea of cheeses, hummus and smoked salmon – and delivered me to the vacation home in Leura that I am sharing with three other tutors. Quite spacious and right in the midst of a gum forest. Took time for a bit a walk into the town center hoping for an internet connection, but ended up just drinking a smooth iced chocolate.


Pics next time I can get online!

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