I don’t usually feel so strongly negative about something, but those buggers have pushed me over the limit.


I have bites on soft squishy parts as well as hard tight parts and parts that don’t normally get abused. And they itched all night long, regardless of the fact that I slathered on anti-itch stuff which has been working normally.  I really don’t want to be the main blood donor for millions of new little mozzies.


I’m thnking that this might be one thing God got wrong.  Can’t think of a single good reason to have mosquitoes around. There would be justice, of sorts, if mozzies also got bit by something small and had to itch, too.  Maybe I wouldn’t hate them so much.

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  1. I’m 100% with you on this, Judy! I can’t see that they serve any purpose at all. Surely the bats can find plenty of other bugs to eat. I want the mosquitos to all die, die, die! Mosquitos (and fleas) love me. I must have superior quality blood. They come from miles around to taste me and I’m horribly allergic and get huge welts from each bite. It drives me indoors on the nicest evenings. Let’s outlaw them. I’ll start a petition.

  2. Ice helps… (especially if it is in a glass with some rum poured over the top….)

    Sooo sorry you are itching. You are just too sweet Judy! Happy July 4th and tell those skeeters to be gone by the time we are all at the OBX!

  3. “I have bites on soft squishy parts as well as hard tight parts and parts that don’t normally get abused” ha ha ha ha ha I know just what you mean.

    I just wrote about mosquitoes myself after getting molested by them for days on end. They are so frustrating.

    just out of curiosity, which part of the world are you in? I’m in Zimbabwe in Africa and we also call them mozzies 🙂

    1. Nice to know we are kindred sufferers! Some of my bites are still itching – more than three months now. I’m in Ohio in the USA. Normally we just call them mosquitoes, but I picked up the mozzie term while traveling in Australia.

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