Mud class finishednd

A gray, misty day here after almost f full night of rain. Nothing torrential like they had earlier that washed out a lot of places, but a soft and gentle soaker.

Had a really nice treat when pulling into the parking lot of my teaching space after breakfast (roommate Robyn gave me a lift) – a mama roo and her joey were right next to the driveway. The baby didn’t look young enough to still be feeding (he was almost as tall as mum), but he was hanging on to mum for dear life determined to get HIS breakfast. (Assuming it was a male – hard to tell.) They didn’t budge, so we got a bunch of pictures that I’ll post later. Tons of roos about in the open fields on the way home after class, too.

The clouds finally lifted about an hour before class finished so our wet cloth had a chance to get a final drying.  Boy, did my students do a grand job!  They brought in all sorts of lovely local colors and all sorts of different materials to work on. Lots of small pieces as well as a number of larger works were mudded. Some got rinsed while most of the mudded cloth went home with the students to be finalized later. Our class exhibit tables at the end of class sharing looked quite grand.

Some real characters in the class – lots of laughs and good conversations. Everyone seemed happy to have been there, so I’m officially declaring it a success!

We finished the day with the opening of an exhibit at the MoCo Gallery – a glass of wine, a date scone, some cheese and lots of chatting – quite nice. Dinner was made and hosted by the coordinator of the conference – a delicious Thai curry – veggie and beef.

Right now I’m hearing some really weird noise outside – I’m sure it is some animal doing something I really don’t want to find out about. Which reminds me that we had a ‘red belly alert’ today – two red belly snakes had been spotted not far from our classroom space and where we were hanging our wet cloth between trees. The snakes were described as about a softball size diameter, maybe 6 ft long, bright red underside, venomous (but not the most poisonous so don’t worry) and shy. Oh, just stomp your feet when you walk outside and the snake will go away – I was told. Fortunately we didn’t see any to worry too much about!

One of those moments when you know for sure you are in a foreign land!

Ed.: pics of the mudcloth class work, the mama/baby roo and MoCo Gallery are now online.

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  1. Sounds like your students are taking off with all the new instructions from a fantastic teacher!!

    Here at home, we are having some similar kangaroo parenting issues with one of our little roos – will tell you more another day, but suffice it to say, I think that joey might be better names jeffrey…

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