National Spinning and Weaving Week

I am thoroughly celebrating National Spinning and Weaving Week this year! (It’s  the first full week in October each year.)

Our local weavers guild hosted  the spinning examinations for Handweavers Guild of America’s (HGA) Certificate of Excellence (COE).

There are two levels to the program: Level I covers the technical skills necessary to show proficiency in spinning all sorts of fibers for all sorts of reasons – it is the equivalent of a bachelors degree. Level II builds on those skills withthe applicant researching a thesis question related to spinning and documenting that research – the equivalent of a masters degree.

It was awesome to see the amount of work that had been done by the applicants. They send in their written work and spun samples to be examined anonymously by two spinning experts.  It was also awesome to see the amount of effort put in by the examiners as they sought to be fair and honest in understanding what the applicants had done.

Hats off to all those who submitted their work for examination! Kudos to the examiners for their diligence!

Now, on to our guild’s Sunday event: Sheep Back to Neck Scarves. Come on out for some fiber sun on Sunday, October 11, noon to 3pm where we will have spinning, weaving and dyeing demonstrations as well as projects you can make and take with you.

Hope to see you there!

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