Naturals week

It has been sort of a magical naturals week so far: I made two baskets. With handles. One with regular weaving and one with random weave. Out of grapevine and honeysuckle. I felt soooo good pulling vines in the woods and then actually making the baskets. Not good enough to stop the journal making, but good none-the-less.

The Art Club kids and I made a fairly large orb on Tuesday as part of our installation work – it fits through the door so it isn’t too huge (I’d say close to 5′ high and maybe a 3-4′ diameter – will have to measure it). I’ll have to get hold of some of the pics that the art club teacher has been taking. Next week we will start on grids using some really thick bamboo and some branches from my front yard (tree trimmers for the electric company went through last week).

And this evening I worked on a random woven / gourd piece. It was sort of requested by my friend Ginger who is doing one more book on gourds and wanted something with random weave on it. It’s not my best work, but then I don’t usually use gourds! I think a dye job will help it tomorrow.

Must get the screens out tomorrow. The weather has been so lovely this week. I know we are due for rain over the weekend, but the temps are bound to stay nice.

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