new website look

I am probably the pokiest website person around!

I wanted to give my website a fresh look. The biggest problem, or rather the biggest challenge, is to do the behind the scenes programming for it. I work with html and don’t use a WYSIWYG program thingee, so I lumber along sort of relearning each time I do this. Thing is, I usually want to do something a bit fancier each time, so I push myself to learn more. Not a whole lot more. Just enough to do what I want to do. And enough to get me in trouble!

Anyway, after what has seemed like forever – but actually about three weeks – I’ve got it where I like it at the moment minus some work with images. Gathering all the images I want to use is my stumbling block now, but I didn’t want that to keep the overall site from looking fresh. So, the pages look different and I’m still working on displaying pictures.

I have a feeling it will be awhile before I am completely finished with adding new pictures.  And by then, I’ll probably want to revamp again!

Any feedback you might wish to give is always welcome!

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