Nothing Dodgey about Dodges Ferry

Yesterday’s aqua aerobics ended with a yummy hot chocolate at the Cafe and a nice little tour of Dodges Ferry – a little spot along the bay where the Carlton River comes in. Ralph Dodge ran a ferry business there, starting with a row boat, when the town was first settled. Got people from that side of the bay to a spit of land connected more directly to Hobart. He also carried the mail on horseback for the surrounding area. Busy guy.

Something I wasn’t yesterday (and not the guy thing!).

Both Di and Chris will be going to France in about a month for a dye symposium. Di is presenting a program on using native Australian  plants for dyeing silk so she is busy getting some samples ready. Chris will be presenting something, too, but I think it is more in the poster format. He is heading up some meetings tonight, though, so is involved with getting that all organized.

So I found a lovely spot on the front deck facing the bay, pulled out the bilum that I need to finish before getting to PNG and kept company with the birds in the trees. Didn’t appreciate the mozzies that found me, but they didn’t stay around too long once we put the electric bug zapper on.

Locally caught shark in an orange sauce was our evening meal entree (thank you, Chris!) accompanied by mashed potatoes and steamed carrots/green beans. A bit of cantaloupe finished the meal – I skipped the brandy this time.

Rain during the night as well as off and on this morning. Still looks like it might do some more before the day is done.

The three of us walked along the beach this morning through the drips – very clean, white sand – then made a loop by going up the Dunalley creek and then back along the road to their house. More bilum work as well as some laundry (never done). Will be getting ready soon to go to dinner and a meeting.

Ed.: pics of the beach and home now online.

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    1. Joyce – bilum is the string bag made in Papua New Guinea. I started one the last time I was there and want to finish it to show the gals I can do it!

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