Off to …

… New Zealand this morning! On such a lovely gray, rainy day in Melbourne. I hear NZ is sunny today.

It has been absolutely peachy in Melbourne and environs. Couldn’t have enjoyed it so much without the superb ministrations of Anne, Tony and friends.

Last weekend was spent in Meeniyan with nine enthusiastic new mudders from all over the country. Other than a bit chilly in the mornings, the weather was perfect and we took advantage of the courtyard, bushes and wide roll up door to expand outside with our work. And, as with any fiber event, the food was delish! (First pic/s)

After spending time with the gracious Glenys, Anne and I stayed in Woongarra at the home of some friends of hers. Lovely rambling ranch dwelling surrounded by lush vegitation and fruit bearing trees. The friends are both vets so we were treated to the attentions of Poppi and Yara (dogs), Peter and Nelly (cats), 5 or 6 chooks (they kept moving around! and only laid one fresh egg while we were there) and a number of calves in the paddock. (Second pic/s)

The rain held off yesterday in Melbourne to give me time for a couple loads of laundry and major repacking. The cabbie was a bit early 6:18am which was fine as there was a slow down on the way to the airport. Lots of lines for departing international flights (immigration check) and the gate for my flight is the absolute furthest you can be from the entrance to the facility. Lots of shops open early to tempt along the way. (Last pic)

Now, to wait patiently for the New Zealand adventure to begin. (This was written while still in Melbourne and just posted now after some time lapse – sorry!)






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  1. Judy. With I was helping lug your suitcases, gathering dirt or whatever. What an incredible adventure. Love the pics of all the cool things people have been doing. Have a great time in NZ. Hugs Cass

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