On the ground

Uneventful flights all the way – the best kind! Very little turbulence.  Absolutely NO ONE in the security line with me at CVG – what a breeze!  Made up for that in Sydney where they had incoming international folks go through THEIR security and I was one of the lucky ones to get randomly chosen for a drug search. No full body screening, but a light pat down.

Hot and humid in Melbourne – normally very hot and DRY I’ve been told. Had a thunderstorm last night and it sounds like it is still raining a bit this morning. Or maybe it is just drops coming off the trees and hitting the roof. Staying with a delightful couple in the Dandenong Mountain Range. They are into nurturing native species of orchids which are growing all through their ‘front yard’ – a lightly forested patch of hillside.  Delightful all around.

Spent the majority of time flying as a threesome – two sisters were coming from New Jersey for a family gathering in Melbourne and New Zealand. They immediately made me a part of the family – most likely since I was willing to let them sit together and not insist on my middle seat.  Totally amazing what all they kept pulling out of their carry-on bags – they were ready for anything and everything!  Made the hours go by more enjoyably.

I think we’ll be out and about doing some sightseeing today. Will report in later.

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