On the road again

I’ll be back on the road – or rather, up in the air – again this week for some teaching in Florida for FTWG. Right now my bags are mostly packed. I needed to see if I could get all the supplies for the two classes (mudcloth and seagrass soft sculpture) into my luggage or whether I would have to ship things. Fortunately, it fits! I don’t have much room for many clothes so I will be a bit fashion-challenged this trip, but it sure beats the extra postage. Good thing I won’t be needing thick, heavy clothing. The best part is that my bags will be almost empty when I come home.

Oh, and the hot tub preparations are under way! My love dug four very nice and neat and deep holes yesterday. Through the mostly thawed-out ground. Through the solid clay that is our back yard. Today those holes have concrete setting up in the bottom of them. Next weekend the posts will be ‘planted’ in the holes and the platform for the tub will be constructed. The rest of the decking will wait for the tub to be in place first. My big, thirsty towel is ready.

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