ORBS again

Another wonderfully hot day, although it feels a tad bit less humid. Clouds in the distance may change that this afternoon.

We are waiting for the arrival of the last of the big brute willows to do the final work on the big guy. Just to give you an idea of size, and all the following measurements are rough ones, on its side it is 5 foot in diameter and probably 15 or more feet long. Sort of looks like a bean, someone said yesterday, but Bonnie and I prefer to see it as a cocoon.

The load of willows is being brought by Bonnie’s son, Elliot. Who knows how to rappel. Who owns ropes, carabiners, etc. Who has agreed to be our ‘climb the tree’ guy for the pieces we would like really high!

Another of Bonnie’s friends came by as a new helper for a few hours. While some helpers are busy finishing the ‘hospital’ work on a half dozen orbs, others are snaking monofilament through many of the orbs, mostly larger sized ones, just to give a bit of reassurance to us that they will stay together longer. Actually, I think they will all be fine, but we do want to ensure the installation stays together for two years.

Bonnie and I have been placing orbs in and near the trees they will be inhabiting. They are looking soooooo cool already! Nothing is secured in place yet, but the tension between tree and limbs and orb is playing out well. Several of the trees have small branches that we should be able to weave through the orbs, incorporating the trees into the work. Should be neat to watch that during the next couple years as the leaves come and go and the branches grow.

Lunchtime is over – time to go hit the heat again.

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