ORBS cont. again!

Couldn’t wait to tell that “the big guy” was up!

We used just about all the big, brute willow rods that Bonnie’s two students brought in and it really firmed up the ends of the VW orb. In working out how we are going to get it up into the tree, we decided to upend it and prop it between the two trunks. Looked great!  And then we raised it by putting a card table underneath it – just to see how it would look off the ground – and to see whether we could lift it!

Well, it looks GRAND! Still too low, and still needing some structure filling in, we now have all the hope of raising it to the planned level – about two stories off the ground – and wedged into the tree trunks. We brought it back down to ground to finish it up. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode to see how it all works!

While some of use were working on the big guy, other helpers got a bunch of ‘sick’ orbs rehabilitated at the Orb Hospital – all strengthened and firm and ready to use. Cindy produced a #10 size orb out of rattan reed, mesmerizing some little michaelangelos who had been to art camp today.  Nancy, the gourd artist, brought over some gourds to incorporate into some orbs. And Patti left us with some delicious homegrown tomatoes and cukes – THANKS!

In the meantime, we’ve got pizza coming in soon, a bottle of wine has been opened, and the four of us hanging around are finishing the stripping of willow rods that are still usable for the big orb. The Rythms on the River should be starting soon, so we will have music to work by.

Showers and bed will sound good tonight!

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