ORBS cont.

Another hot and blistering day – perfect for orb making!

Last night Bonnie and I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing and cooling evening with Nancy Miller, gourd artist extraordinaire! She and Bonnie had met at Nancy’s most recent exhibit and really connected on the vessel and surface design side of things. Nancy and I discovered a lovely mutual friend in gourd artist Ginger Summit. A light wine cooler, some great snacks, lots of stories and show and tell around her home and then dinner a short walk away.

We had all good intentions of hitting the orbs early this morning while the temperature was still on the cool side, but that didn’t happen. At least not as early as we had imagine in the heat of yesterday. We did arrive at the Art Center a bit after 8am – and promptly started sweating. Dire predictions of high temperatures that I’m not sure I want to hear at this point – we really don’t have any options to being outside working.

More helpers have arrived today – some art educator colleagues of Bonnie’s, a couple more of her students, a local interested party who just wanted to be a part of the process, and my sister, Patti, from nearby Knightstown.

Just finished lunch and we about have the last end of the big guy closed in. Waiting on the final installment of large willow to do that end justice so it isn’t wimpy and weak.

Earlier – about 11 or so while Bonnie was out gathering lunch supplies – the local channel 8 TV news crew came by to do a story on the fiber exhibits happening inside the Art Center. Since we were there and active, the Orbs installation crew was also filmed in all their sweaty glory! We understand that the feed will be broadcast Friday about 5:30pm or so and then again Saturday morning between 7-8am. Hopefully someone will be able to tape it for us – for all 10 seconds that they probably will show!

Okay, I’ve put off going outside long enough. We may do a bit of siesta today and come back later to work by the music of the outside program tonight on the grounds. Have to see how much energy we can muster.

Tomorrow for sure we’ll be putting orbs in the trees! That will be the fun part.

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