Palm and pipes

Cooking up a pot of palm right now.  Our church had some leftover palms from Palm Sunday and I heard that leaf makes a good paper.  I used my regualr guillotine paper cutter to get them into a proper length for the beater. Using soda ash to help them cook, but I’m thinking a lye might have been better. It is over three hours now and they are still pretty firm.

ITMT, the robin who is determined to nest in the bush by the door of the garage is vexed over all the ins and outs I’m doing as I am cooking right next to her. And the sound of the machine that is cutting into the street continues to grow louder as it approaches our house. Our street is getting a new and larger water main along with fire hydrants. The pipe is being laid, starting from the western end of our street; we are pretty much in the middle. I’m kinda glad these next few days are supposed to be on the rainy side – it will keep the dust down some!

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