Paper experiences

Hoo boy!  I’m going to be up to my armpits in papermaking this coming week!


Sunday I am ever so fortunate to have the last minute opportunity to learn Japanese papermaking techniques from Ishar Neumann who runs the Tut Neyar Paper Mill in Israel. There will be 10 of us in a workshop at the Art Academy in downtown Cincinnati. Can’t wait!


On Friday and Saturday I’ll be bashing banana trunks with eleven other papermakers (from around North America) outside of Branson, MO. I’m told that the banana fiber is just wonderfully lovely and strong. I’m also told that the trunk is VERY juicy! I’m not sure how many changes of clothes I’ll need!


And then on Sunday next some of us will be sticking around to harvest some kozo (Japanese mulberry) before heading to our respective homes.


I think I’ll be pretty well set, paper-wise, for awhile after all that! Will give a report after all is said and done.

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