Paper Paper Paper

I’m papered out for the moment.

The Weavers Guild did our schtick with the first and second graders on papermaking today. They have studied/are studying recycling so we made a point to collect school/class papers from them for the pulp.

One second grade had over 5 lbs – of which we only used 2. The other second grade had a lot of nice colors included in their recycling box which turned the pulp a lovely purply-reddy color. All the kids made sheets of paper and the second graders also did some pulp casting in a small paper cup.

The Hollander beater worked like a dream for all this! I shredded their papers first and then beat three batches of 2 lbs each. Got the last batch done while the temps were dropping and the wind was picking up. So nice to not have to spend an entire day using my blender.

Now, to put recycled stuff aside and pull out the plants. I have some pampas grass to try out, some asparagus stems in the freezer that I’ve been collecting, and the leftover palms from this past Sunday at church. Maybe I’ll get some of it cooked up over the weekend – if it warms up!

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