Perth adventures

If I wait any longer to write in the hopes of getting pics up first, you might never hear from me! Multiple pics seem to undo me, so…

Perth is quite lovely, weather, location and people. Martien and Geri have fully welcomed me into their home, along with the ever present Clementine.


We’ve been full swing into the Easter holidays here since my arrival last Thursday. Friday was the annual Pétanque tournament – didn’t win but also did not come in dead last! The best part of the tourney held along the Swan River, besides the great group of friends that I became part of for the day, was the numerous stoppings for tea and lunch and more tea. (Tea here means a whole lot more than just something to drink!)

A good part of Saturday was spent op shopping (think Goodwill and St Vincent shops) for items to be used in natural dyeing and/or mudcloth.

Sunday saw us enjoying Kings Park as well as a park further east on the Swan River where we also did our bit to keep fires to a minimum by gathering up various leaves and plant material.

Monday Martien got the fire going under a large stainless steel roaster and, after some rolling and tying of cloth/plant material/sticks, we gave the whole bit a go in hot rusty nail water for several hours. Patient waiting overnight before checking on the outcomes.

This morning held a bit of crisp chill in the air; it has warmed up very nicely. Our bundles have been unwrapped and magic has happened


We will do more dyeing next Monday when Wendy comes over. ITMT, casing calls as we prep for the class tomorrow.

Posting pics will happen, just not promising when!

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  1. “Rusty Bits!” Looks like another fun excursion into the work of creating art from old things! This gives me hope 😉

    We have a bunch of Ohio dirt surfacing as digging has commenced at our Maison du Mud. I shall be searching our own St. Vincent’s, etc. in search if dye-able drapes. I am thinking of weaving/braiding some tie-backs using… you guessed it … Ties.

    Today, while visiting Jeff and Katie in Chicago – I touched a piece if the Sydney Opera House. It was imbedded in the exterior wall of the Chicago Tribune building. One of many such “artifacts” procured by journalists from story assignments through the years. It was not too far from a shrapnel of moon rock. (Right about now – we bet there is at least one guy in Harrison who might feel you are as far away as both Sydney AND the moon…)

    HAPPY Easter Judy!

    1. Susan, you have your own adventures going on! Love the ‘tie’ back idea! You might want to save a bit of your backyard dirt for the curtains…


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