Pics are being added!

Just to let you know, in case you haven’t noticed, I have pictures up from the beginning of my journey (mid-February in the Dandenongs) through the drive up through the Central Highlands to Devonport (mid-March in Tasmania).

Links have been added at the bottom of each posting pertaining to those pictures.  I’ll add them in as I go along with any new posts for the rest of the trip.

I haven’t commented on the pics too much thinking you might like to just enjoy the images – if you want more details, let me know!

6 Replies to “Pics are being added!”

  1. Wonderful time enjoying your pics and commentary this Sunday!
    Who knew that the news from Pakistan tonight would be so overwhelming…
    Seems like the entire planet can benefit from being a little “Down to Earth!” Thanks Judy!

  2. Fantastic pictures, Judy!!! You can tell that you have an artist’s eye from the beautiful composition. You really captured the colors and textures. I want some of these for wallpaper for my computer!!!! I’m only halfway through, you’re distracting me from work. I’ll be back!

    1. Penny – you are welcome to use any for wallpaper – or let me know which ones you want and I’ll send them to you. Some look like duplicates – I just couldn’t decide which pic to discard! Come back as often as you’d like. PNG pics next…

  3. Great photos as always Judy and I’m enjoying all the new sights and news concerning your recent activities ‘downunder’! 🙂

    Viewing your photos has also reminded me of how much I don’t know about the history and geology of Australia! I may need to find a good book to catch me up…

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