Pit Stop

Just a quickie post to let you all know that I am alive and well in Tasmania. Basket Gathering was swell. Off in less than 6 hours for a visit in Papua New Guinea. Didn’t have internet access at the Gathering and won’t have it in PNG. Will bring you all up to speed when I get back to mainland Australia – mid April.

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  1. So great to hear from you and your blog! Had a wonderful dinner at your house with Jack this past Sunday night. (btw – The bathroom looks fantastico!) We had salmon , salad, asparagus and Jack caved into Rich’s eating habits and made peas and garlic potatoes. Yummy! Plus Jack took us on a stroll to your garden side herb sprouts and we enjoyed a taste of the baby parsley sprouts showing off. Buds are blooming and some warm weather and the huge moon has made for some breathtaking spring nights. But now the forecast calls for temps to drop into the 30″s and 40’s again. Must be getting close to WGUC’s Airwaves Kitefest! LOL

    NPR still making headlines as congressional battling about funding for NPR amazingly overshadows news from Japan and Libya. Go figure. We miss you much and look forward to whenever you surface with news of your travels.

    Looks like more Lenten fish feasts are on the calendar here at home. . . tis the season… xoxo, susan

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