PNG report #13 – FINAL

July 24-25

Taxi to the airport made a quick trip of it despite the rush hour traffic. We could make no headway in getting any of the new itinerary changed, although there was a chance of change in LA. We were encircled by many returnees from the World Youth Day in Sydney. During the layover in Aukland, we did a lot of walking around, playing cards and rope making for the big billum. Wearing my zip-off travel pants made that last part easy!

The flight to LA was not particularly pleasant – we were stuck in the middle of the middle section of seats and the foot space was so broken up you really couldn’t stretch your legs or put your feet up at all. Neither one of us slept much at all. Good thing the food was decent.

No luck in getting any change out of LA, so we sat back and waited. Of course, with a 6 hour wait, the gate was changed from the farthest one to the one next to where we had come in – after we had already gotten to the farthest gate. Walking is good…..

In San Francisco the plane was late getting in due to a medical emergency on the flight, so we were an hour and a half late in leaving for Cincinnati. Regardless, it was still a red-eye flight! The only thing that kept us going in the terminal was continual rounds of Threes Wild. And neither of us could sleep this last flight – too cramped and/or uncomfortable.

What a relief to actually get to our respective homes by mid-morning after 41.5 hours of travel! A hot shower, a quick meal, just a bit of email and then to bed.

Other than the flying times and seating arrangements, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about our trip!

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  1. Wow! What a trip and what a hike up the mountain! I got winded just reading about it. We enjoyed hearing about your adventures and I’m glad Miri recovered her shoe. I can relate having been in the mud and muck a few times myself. 😉

    Certainly sounded like you both got your exercise and made some new friends. And great, great photos as always.

    I never would have guessed Mendi was around the same elevation as Denver but guess I shouldn’t be too surprised with the mountainous terrain.

    Anyway glad you survived another ‘walkabout’ and trip to the ‘wild places’. Next time you’ll have to take Jack! 🙂

    Later! Dave M.

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