Pond Prints

The annual ‘opening of the pond’ occurred over the weekend.

We have this round, quite small, sunken bit of plastic under our bedroom window that we fill with water and some plants, position large flattish rocks on one side, add an ingenious little faucet – and voila! – instant water feature!

Each spring my love cleans it out*, adds fresh rocks to the bottom, bleaches the shells that wintered over in the muck and fills it with fresh water. The new rocks always come with some dirt/mud/silt on them so it takes a day or two for the water to clear.

Yesterday, while moving about in the backyard with tub duties, he found an especially interesting sight in the layer of rock silt that had settled:

img_2662.jpgApparently, local raccoons have checked out the water. One good reason not to stock it with fish!

*So far, all his efforts at emptying and cleaning and covering each fall have not produced a dry, clean container in the spring. I’ve an idea for a better cover this year….

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