PP and Me

I am one with the PowerPoint. Ohmmmmmmmmm………..

It actually wasn’t too bad. Got a bit of advice from my love and started adding pictures. I really didn’t have any text in the presentation, just a ton of pics and lots of KBs. After I was all done, he told me that I could probably have made the presentation in Google’s Picasa (that I use as a freebie download photo filing system from Google) which most likely would have handled the multitude of pics better. Oh, well.

The folks who came thought it was fine, so that is all that counts. And the pics that I worried about – too fuzzy or too dark or too light – all turned out fine. The color went a bit weird as the projector didn’t necessarily give the same colors on the screen as the laptop showed (e.g. some reds showed brown) – good thing I work mostly in natural tones!

This presentation, entitled “Out of the Ordinary”, was on my artwork. Got another one in a couple weeks to do on the techniques and processes of mudcloth. Better check out Picasa’s slide show potential before then.

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