Promises kept

In the midst of this week’s craziness, I decided that I needed to follow up on some promises I made earlier:

The audio book I just finished is Winter Prey by John Sandford. A murder mystery with below zero temps; kept me listening.

The cuff-to-cuff sleeves I am working on:cuff-to-cuff sleeves

…and the yarns I’m using:yarns for cuff-to-cuff Adding other yarns as I work is always a possibility.

Hmmmm…. there was probably more, but that’s it for now.

2 Replies to “Promises kept”

  1. Hi Judy, I love your sweater, could you post the directions? I have a lot of various yarn I have died with indigo, thought I would do a sweater, but, not inspired, until I saw yours! perfect! I am taking your MUD workshop in St. Louis in April. I am excited about that! I do hand dyed silk and Sashiko stitched jackets. MUD will be a perfect addition!
    thanks, Judi-ann

  2. Good to hear from another Judy Ann, but you are with an “i”! The sweater directions are pretty loose since I’m not a pattern knitter, but if I get a chance to post the directions before I leave, I will. Otherwise it will need to wait till after I get back (Feb 6). Looking forward to meeting you in St. Louis. You’ll have to clue me in on what Sashiko stitching is. And yes, MUD will be a perfect addition!

    (ITMT and before I post any directions, if you take any cuff-to-cuff sweater pattern and work it in the round, that will get you started….)

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