pulp art

Last Thursday I did a program for the teens at our local branch library on recycled papermaking. Prior to the event, they had cut up old fliers that were printed on colorful papers to use as the pulp.There didn’t seem to be a lot of pulp after I blendered it,  but there were seven nice colors to play with.

After the kids used what they could in the time alotted, I trucked the rest of it back home and figured I’d use it up the next day, just so I wouldn’t have to dry the pulp or put it in the freezer (my preference).

My set up when working outside – since it has been lovely, hot and mostly dry days – is to work off the ‘picnic’ table on the deck, starting in the afternoon when the trees start to shade that spot. I use the railings to dry the felts between pressings and any water pressed out using my weight and board method drops down tot he ground underneath.

Wellll…. the pulp has gone on forever! It must’ve muiltiplied overnight. After two afternoons and evenings, working into the dark (nice to have deck lights!), I’m down to just a bit more pulp. The sliding glass doors have served well as drying racks (you can see some pics on my Flickr site) and it has been fun making ‘pictures’ with a baster in the different vats of color.

The sun is just about off the table now, so I’ll head back out for one more round of sheet forming – and then clean-up!

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    1. I know what you mean, Charlene! I like them there, too, but they really do cut down on the light coming in. It would be nice to use as a decorative touch for a party, though.

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