Rainy day in the Grampians

This morning started with a lovely rosy glow on the mountain side and a half dozen kangaroos plus a juvenile emu meandering in the side yard of the campground. The roos were a bit shy, but the emu strutted right up to us all curious. Or maybe looking for breakfast.

A great flock of cockatiels (I think that is what they were called – I may be wrong) took off making a huge ruckus and they started flying every which way. I was told they are ‘thicker than three boards’ and the dumbest birds around. They even fly upside down.

The only other wildlife that was really active today were the mozzies (mosquitoes) which came out while we were enjoying dinner outside in the garden area of the Grand Mountain Resort/restaurant. (I may be a bit off on that title, but it is close!) Had a delicious tomato soup and wedges (potato wedges, nice and crispy with a sweet and sour dipping sauce – very nice!

Have a great group of ladies doing some fun work with  mud. We have some really nice colors to work with. Finish up tomorrow with a show and tell of all the two-day classes.

The day was overcast and sprinkly so it didn’t get as hot as predicted. Right on schedule the rain started as we set up tables outside for some vending. And it is raining off and on right now, too.  Sounds good on the roof of the cabin.

Really  hoping for sun tomorrow as one of the classes is a solar printing class!

Ed.:  pics  are online now.

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