Rainy Day

We are in the midst of a truly rainy day.*** The best thing is the balmy temperature accompanying the rain. This could be snow and ice! As it is, our front yard is doing its lake imitation and the fog is settling in as the raindrops slow. I hope most of the rain is soaking in as we still need to catch up from last year’s drought.

In between raindrops, I just sent my youngest son and his wife off – back to Cleveland – after a lovely couple of days here. We laughed and told stories and hugged and ate* and played music and ate** and hugged and hot tubbed and… generally had a grand time with them here.

They will be traveling to France soon for a soap making workshop (DIL) and time in a French kitchen (son) – along with some touring time in Paris. I figured they needed to be able to easily jot down notes, so some sheets of cream paper, a grocery bag, a bit of yarn, half a skewer and a twist tie soon became two pocket sized journals with removable pages. It was nice to be able to quickly make a couple of functional gifts. Got them both thinking about other possibilities with materials they have at home, too.

*My love served a lovely and delicious pork roast with his special glaze on Sunday in honor of son and DIL arrival. Green beans and red-skinned potatoes completed the meal. Great visual – and taste!

**Our son served a lovely and delicious porterhouse steak, marinated in wine and garlic, grilled and thinly sliced. Perfect side dishes of buttered broccoli heads, whiskey and garlic sauteed mushrooms, wild and brown rice accompanied the meat. Also a great visual – and taste!

***Well, by the time I had a chance to finish this post, the rain stopped, the sky sort of brightened, and the fog grew thick. The chance of rain resuming exists, but this might not be considered a truly rainy day anymore. Maybe more like a truly damp and dismal-looking day.

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