Rainy week

It’s been a rainy week. Temperatures on the cool side, overcast skies, water leaking out of the heavens as though someone was trying to fix the faucet (sometimes a downpour, sometimes just drips).

I look back on the week and can’t seem to find any major work accomplished, but I know¬† a lot of minor stuff has happened: daily pressings of handmade papers to encourage them to lay flat, coaxing a blouse to take on a new role as a vest lining for a collaboration piece, guild organizational meetings, creating lengths of ‘plastic yarn’, surface studio clean-up, a crocheted patch for a friend, butternut squash soup and prepping for a visit to Cleveland.

My godmother is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend and I’m going to help her! I’ll also spend some time with my ‘kids’ while there. A two-fer trip!

Some interesting contacts were made this week, too. More on those as they develop.

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