Random Sights

Lots has happened since I last posted. I’ve been in and out of town and in again.

Some memorable sights (and sounds) that crossed my field of vision during this time (sorry no pics to go with the words):

– Twin boys in bright yellow shirts, probably age 3-4, walking side by side under individual golf umbrellas in the rain.

–  Breathtaking, exciting, awesome, fun fiber work of all description exhibited in conjunction with the Surface Design Association’s biennial conference.

– A sea of runners and walkers of all shapes and sizes and abilities pouring through KC streets on behalf of brain injury research. Other than the cheering spectators, it was quite quiet.
–  Little star shaped cakes celebrating years of service.

–  Excitement and interest in the faces of two older twin boys (11) as they discovered some of the secrets of basketry.

– Photographs from Mali taken by village teenagers showing the important things in their lives. (Took me right back to the Mali I had experienced in January!)

– A choral reading/performance by two high school freshmen (girl and boy) who had collaborated on their reactions to the Mali photos – absolutely stupendous!

– The drone of pipes, thump of drums and whirling dance of fiddle notes accompanying flying feet as successive groups entertained a die-hard crowd of Celtic fans.

– A huge full moon hovering over Kansas City, bathing the city in moonglow before the storms gave it a real washing. (Almost howled at the moon – but that’s another story.)

Lots of time spent hugging friends, marveling over color/technique/shape, eating chocolate, sweating, feeling fibers, moving furniture, sharing delicious foods and drinks, eating more chocolate, …. Back to normal life this week. I think.

3 Replies to “Random Sights”

  1. Quote Judy: “Back to normal life this week.”

    Ah, but your definition of “normal” is a world apart from that of the rest of the world. And I’m glad for that. You are a delight in every way, JD!

  2. Hope your workshop went well. The Surface Design conference sounded just wonderful. Wish I could have been there. It is so fun to live vicariously through our cyber space buddies. Thanks Judy for the mental pictures.

  3. Gin – Ah, but you are too kind! And I’m glad you are in “my” world!

    Chris – Right now, mental pictures are all I have time for! Someday you’ll get to SDA. It’s worth it.


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