Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts ….

– Our area seems to be in a drought and it isn’t even official summer yet. (Maybe I/we are adding to it with the amount of water used in the hot tub.)

– Regular classroom instructors may know their stuff but may not know how best to conduct a 3 hour workshop.

– How does Canada do it – producing ripe tomatoes currently being found in the local produce sections – when they have less sun than we do?

– Old telephone books can be used for a myriad of tasks once they are officially off-duty.

– Moving the honeysuckle vine, Virginia creeper and wild grapevine from the woods would be a lot less expensive than buying some vining shade plants.

– Brain tumors seem to have no respect for the creative geniuses they invade.

– One should NOT put something under the broiler and then walk away to do something else.

– Mosquitoes really do not seem to have any sense of etiquette. Nor do zits.

– Television shows that you REALLY want to see are usually scheduled when you are too  busy to watch.

–  Melatonin doesn’t seem to kick in after age 50 the way it did before 50. Actually, that is true of a lot of things…

– Your children are always your children, regardless of age, and will always engender maternal/paternal emotions. And usually ignore parental advice.

– The interest in knitting warm woolen gloves dramatically decreases as the ambient temperature rises.

– Powers of observation are only as sharp as the objects being observed.

Happy Memorial Day to all!

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