Reaching new heights


This morning my latest gut grid work went up on the wall of the Harrison Branch Library. The mainenance guy, Jeff, doing the actual hanging used his extension ladder – almost to its limit and certainly higher than he would have preferred. He did an excellant job, though, and I thank him profusely.

There are seven separate grid pieces, each roughly 6′ x 6′ x 1″. Gut holds the willow rods together and is also stretched over some areas. Nothing new – just bigger than I’ve worked before.

This all took shape on the deck last week while we had some wonderfully sunny and warm days. I transported the work to the library yesterday afternoon – on top of the car – while the sun was still out. Good thing, as this morning it poured just as I stepped out of the car to do the installation. What a mess that would’ve been had I waited.

As long as the library likes them there and I don’t have another spot for them, the grids will hang. Jeff likes knowing he won’t have to be up in the rafters again anytime soon. So far the comments have been positive, so that’s a good thing!

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  1. Thanks, Gin! I haven’t been feeling particularly creative lately, so your words are quite kind on my soul. Too much paperwork and organizing happening. But, if I don’t get that out of the way, I won’t be in a position to create later!

    Hmmmm, just realized that my creativity has been coming out in meal prep lately. No photos. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Laura. It was fun to watch it go up. And of course, there are umpteen different ways it could look, depending on how each piece is hung. But don’t tell the guy who hung it! 🙂

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