Ready, Set……

Oh, HURRAY! It got cold! I was so afraid that the temperatures would remain mild here while I’m in Africa – I want to know that I am basking in warmth instead of having my nose nipped with the cold. Now I can go with confidence. 🙂

My list got some check marks today: made the “portable pocket”, copied the necessary documents, washed the mudded bandannas that I want to take.

A last minute potential catastrophe has been averted. I wound up needing to get a new printer/toner cartridge to finish off the last of the documents I wanted to take with me. Didn’t take the old one along to the store, silly me! The young geek assured me of the model I needed, which absolutely did not fit when I got it home. So, a trip back to the store this evening with my love to make sure I got the correct cartridge.

The piles still aren’t in the bags yet, but they are much more organized, or at least I am thinking they are. And I have until 4pm to be ready to roll. What else am I going to do tomorrow?!?!? Other than start the knitting project I want to take along so security won’t be inclined to ban my needles, send out travel announcements to friends, initiate an auto-responder for my email, finish up the cottage cheese so it doesn’t grow things in the fridge while I’m gone, set up an appointment with my tax guy for when I get home, maybe change the sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry,…

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