Ready to Beat

A rather mixed up week just went by.  It was a combination of seeing good friends and suffering through with a painful mouth – I am here to tell you that fractures in teeth are no fun! Between the emergency dental visits and meeting up with folks of all sorts, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for anything else.

I did manage to slip in a quick run-through with the Hollander beater, just to see how it works with the motor my love put on.  As with any machine, it has its quirks and it will take time to uncover them all.  I learned with this first effort that you can put in too much water.  Good lesson to learn early.

Along with the motor, my love added a timer, an on/off switch and a table on wheels so I can roll my baby where ever I need.  This is going to be fun!  Now, just a quick coat of paint on the surface of the table and I’ll be ready to get serious with pulp making.

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  1. Hmmmmm….. Nothing since the 25th. Maybe she’s out there just watching the pulp go ’round and ’round. (It *is* mesmerizing.)

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