Recent paper activity

I recently spent a couple weekends in Cleveland taking workshops at The Morgan Conservatory – a hot papermaking spot in Ohio.

One weekend was dedicated to 3D (kozo) and high shrinkage (abaca) with Melissa J. Craig as instructor.  Very cool.  The abaca was so reminiscent of working with gut………

The second weekend was Hanji (Korean papermaking) with Aimee Lee. Aimee is intent on preserving and spreading the Korean method – she spent a month in Cleveland making the vat and screens needed to do it properly.  Also very cool!  And to add to the coolness, Aimee taught us how to felt paper (joomchi),  how to spin/ply paper strips, and how to twine with the spun cordage.  One of the other workshop attendees took some great pictures if you are interested.

There is something calming about the Hanji method – I wound up doing a modified approach with some hosta pulp that I had in the freezer.  Nice.

And in the process of cleaning out the garage for some necessary foundation work, I discovered a stack of cardboard rounds – ideal for a drying stack!

Life is good.

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