Reporting in

Hmmm, I seem to be making it to my blog about once a week.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun, or when you are busy, or when life is so dull and boring there is nothing to talk about… not!

I guess I should claim busy. (Fun has been a part of it, too.)

There have been the blank journals I’ve been making (thanks, Sue Bleiweiss, for your inspiration!), the plastic bags I’ve been melting, the family members visited who have been hospitalized recently (all well now, thanks), the knitting dilemmas I’ve been trying to un-dilemma,  the bass notes I’ve been finding, the classes I’ve been setting up, the trip to PNG that’s now scheduled, the finished work being shipped out for exhibit, the gourds that have crept into the studio demanding attention, the odds and ends around the house that always seem to call out when you have a ton of other things you would much rather do…

And of course, the hot tub that keeps calling me, regardless of the weather. Right now, there is a line of little rubber duckies sitting on the deck up to their bright beaks in snow. Which puts it at about two inches of accumulation. That’s about the most we’ve gotten at one time – I haven’t lost sight of the duckies, yet!

Back to the gourds – they are rather insistent!

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  1. well thank you for such a wonderful compliment! To have inspired someone else is truly the highest form of compliment that I can receive 🙂 The books on your flickr page are wonderful!

  2. Hi, Judy! The flip book turned out great. Jeff was really wowed by it.

    I was thinking of you the other day when I was listening to David Reidy’s podcast (Sticks and String) and he was talking about learning to do book binding. He gave this site as a reference.

    Have you done this sort of thing? (I’m assuming you have since you are the queen of all paper.) Is that how you’re making your journals? I was thinking about doing a little book just to see if I could, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Thanks, again, for helping me with the flip book. It was really cute. I meant to take pictures of it, but he must have carried it off to the office — I haven’t seen it since I gave it to him.

    See you soon (but not Thurs. — I have a doctor’s appointment).


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