RFP or bust!

If the internet does what it promises, I’ve just made a deadline.

A couple weeks ago an email came through with an RFP (Request For Proposal) to create a sculpture around the entrance of an art museum. The sculpture had to be functional (as a shield from the elements above the doorway) as well as durable.

Well, I did some trial runs on a couple ideas with various materials, settled on one that I think will work out well, and tracked down budget information. All this in between getting ready for and going to the wedding. The deadline for submission is now a minute away as I type this. So, as long as my emails got delivered, I should be fine. Some large picture files had me worried – had to separate them out to get them through.

Only have to wait 10 days to find out which proposal/artist gets selected. The turn-around time is really short for the actual work, too. If I ‘get the job’, I’ll be busy for the next two months – the sculpture needs to be installed by November 21.

I’ll fill in all the details after the 14th – don’t want to influence anything, one way or the other.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. Oh…. and before I forget again…. best of luck on your RFP!!!

    We’ll be looking forward to good news for you concerning your proposal!

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