Season’s greetings

One batch of kolachi* is finished, with shiny coats and insides spilling out. We used walnuts and poppy seed and apricot fillings. May do another batch later, but this will get us through Christmas morning. Most of the bread rolls will go to friends and fellow musicians today and this evening; a few more will be gifted tomorrow morning as we are doing the music this evening for the Christmas Vigil and tomorrow morning for Christmas Day.

Still have one more knitted gift to finish. Was working on it last night and realized I had dropped a couple stitches. Mumble, mumble, grumble, grumble…. It’s back on track now, but I didn’t get any further. Need to get back to it this afternoon.

In the last couple days I’ve been invited to participate in an exhibit at a small Ohio museum and to write an article for a new fibre e-zine. Both coming at a time when I have been feeling particularly inept at being a fiber artist. Ego boosters, for sure! Will keep you posted on these developments.

I wish you all a most blessed and peace-filled season and upcoming year.

*Kolachi: a traditional holiday sweet, eggy yeast bread rolled out with a nut or poppy seed mixture spread evenly and then rolled into a loaf. Slovakian origin, I’m told. A staple in my love’s house when he was growing up – all the neighbors would make them and give them to his Italian/German parents. Now my boys make them better than I do.  <g>

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