Seems inconsequential …

… to be talking about what I did the last couple of days when Japan has been hit so hard with the earthquake and tsunami – and other countries are bracing, too.

I can’t do much to help the situation, though, so I might as well try to remember some activities…

Meant to comment that we met up with my hosts from Melbourne, Ann and Tony, at MONA on Wedesday – fun to share the museum and lunch with them.

Yesterday I did some errands in Hobart while Di took care of some business of her own. A bit of shopping, a bit of browsing, a nice smoked salmon quiche in the Antique shop Cafe and some answers to questions at the Visitors Center. I also was on hand when the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery started to dismantle their dinosaur to get ready for planned renovation work – watched while they unscrewed the head!

A trip to the west side of Hobart to pick plums and green beans at Brigit’s home – she has a fantastic hidden garden abundant with fruit/nut trees and flowers and veggies.

A bit of grocery shopping and then we were home to enjoy 2 dozen fresh oysters on the half shell plus a dinner of tuna steaks, mashed potatoes and veggies.

An early morning today resulted in an hours walk after breakfast. We did some time on the beach as well as up and down a couple nearby lanes.

The pluns from yesterday were divided into ready to eat, almost ready to eat, stewing and dyeing. I prepped the stewing and dyeing ones while we munched on the ready ones all day.

Di is getting ready for a workshop she will be giving in France at a dyeing conference so I helped cut up eucalyptus leaves for her to take. She’ll weigh and dry them to use with the class.

Chris trusted me with his older car – after a trip around the neighborhoods of Connelys Marsh and Dunalley he rated me a 10 out of 10. I was sure I saw a couple of white knuckles during the trip! The car is a little white one (that’s as much as I usually remember about cars!) with a manual shift. The shift is no problem since I learned on one years ago, but it is on the left side and all the typical things like turn signal and wipers are on opposite sides of what I’m used to. Going out again tomorrow for a bit of practice in prep for potentially a couple days of travel on my own.

Di and I will be doing some mudcloth and plum dyeing tomorrow – got the cloth ready this evening.

Heard that Papua New Guinea was hit with some of the tsunami waves. Will need to check out that all is okay before I head over in a week or so.

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  1. Judy, BTW, I haven’t commented on how much I’ve been enjoying your blog entries on your trip. Always interesting and great fun to experience your adventures ‘second hand’ and vicariously through the internet! 🙂

      1. Judy…I take it you are in Tasmania. New Guinea next? Sounds like a fabulous trip, lots of sights, food, friends, and fun times dyeing. I admire you going off by yourself driving, especially with manual gearshift. I can drive it fine, but not sure my left side would understand doing it. Just get in and do it as they say. Enjoy reading your blog

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